Vinyasa Flow


All Levels-Intermediate


Saturday 9:00am-10:15am

Taspen's Yoga Shanti Studio Conifer,CO



Changing Perspectives - Opening to Change. You are your best self when you can be free and fearless.

These classes give us an opportunity to bring our vibrations into our awareness. By connecting our breath and movements we create harmony with our Vibrations/Mind/Body. These colorful practices will pair inversions, back bends and hip openers into full-length flows. When place ourselves into difficult flows, poses or inverted movements, we tend to go to negative spaces because we change our normal  body positions(our confirm zones).  By pairing our awareness  with our practice-while working on the alignment-we will convince  our mind to accept the challenges of each movement. We confront challenges in life in order to learn. Many times these challenges affect our "center" adversely.   These flows help us re-center ourselves to better accept the challenges of life.   Throughout the class I will suggest personal modifications for each position. This will allow us all reach our goals -each at our individual pace- to get the most of this class.

These 75 min clasess will help you embrace your natural self, accepting where we are physically/emotionally/mentally, through strong sequences and energizing flows.  Our time together will push you to expand your physical and mental boundaries.  We will repeatedly confront our existing self-imposed boundaries while embracing ourselves with acceptance and love for the self.

With LOVE Veronica


All Levels-Intermediate

Wednesday 9:30am-10:45am

Taspen's Shanti Yoga Studio Conifer 

We will explore together Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation A&B. Sequencing asanas, holding for 5 breaths per movement(ASANA), immerse in understanding where you are physically, mentally and spiritually. We will connect the sensations while breathing and enjoying/embracing them. We will work on flexibility and stretching points in your body, while working on our strength as well. Slower pace at the beginning and starting to connect to the vinyasa FIRE. Focuses on classic postures and correct alignment in the body.  

This Vinyasa classes  will show you that yoga is much more than a physical practice – it’s an opportunity to use movement and breath to connect and aligning us with our Body/Mind/Spirit. We will create  intentions ,  requests, and a dialogue we have with our consciousness/Source of Love the highest vibration of all. 

Each  75-90  minute class begins with an intention to connect to the day’s work. Once mentally, physically and spiritually aligned with the  purpose/intention, we work on grounding the intention in the body through a physical flow. The sequencing connects body, breath, alignment, and mindfulness to support our theme. All classes will be a beautiful opportunity to blend physical flows with spiritual intention, creating a  sacred connection for self-reflection, physical understanding and connection to the highest vibration of all, LOVE.

With LOVE Veronica